Sunday, October 15, 2006

9/11 Controlled Demoliton Numbers Explained

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Just a few numbers that make 9/11 conspiracies nearly impossible:

J.L. Hudson’s in Detroit, Michigan, the tallest building ever razed, was 439 ft. (26 stories)

WTC 7 was 570 ft. (47 stories) 1.3 times the height of the J.L. Hudson.

WTC 1 and WTC 2 were 1,368 ft. (110 stories) 3.12 times the height of J.L. Hudson.

So, on 9/11, three buildings were razed with perfect precision. One was 131 ft. taller than the record tower and the other two (minus cell phone antennas) were 929 ft. taller than the record holder.

The Hudson Building “It took us 24 days with 12 people doing nothing but loading explosives…” James Santoro – Controlled Demolition Incorporated

Even according to the Loose Change guys, the heightened security and bomb-sniffing dogs had only been lifted for 5 days.,0,1255660.story

Friday, October 13, 2006

9/11 Conpirator's Math Doesn't Add Up

The following is my opinion; just as the 9/11 conspiracy theorists have their opinions.

The math of 9/11

According to many popular theorists’ statements, it was a missile that hit the Pentagon.

People on the plane that all agreed to fake their deaths - 61

The crew of the plane that dropped the missile and the ground crew - 10

Crew to round up and haul off all pieces of the missile before the media gets there - 20

Bush, Cheney, his cabinet etc… (on the low side) - 20

People whom have stayed silent for the Pentagon - 111

Keep in mind that Clinton’s scandal that was uncovered could not have involved more than (I’m being generous with this number) 15 people. As we all know, this ended up coming out.

Then some bring up, that the government just killed all the people on planes. That still leaves 50 that have been silent.

Another major point for the “Truthers” is that we demolished WTC 1, 2, and 7 (7 was just for fun)

Firefighters and others that went into WTC 1 and 2 and escaped, not spotting any bombs

(This number is too low but making it higher aids my case no less) - 100

Once again, Bush, Cheney, his cabinet etc… - 20

A major demolition company that worked only at nights when all the security guards were distracted to set the charges for this implosion. - 150

That last number could not have been any less because it takes about four months to bring down ONE 60 story building (about the size of WTC 7). The extra security had only been lifted for about two weeks before 9/11.

Total number of people involved (as always, way underestimated) - 270

Watergate (Generously) - 50

To add onto that, why would they waste time rigging up WTC 7 to implode? Did they just have some extra explosives and an extra night and thought, what the heck, let’s bring down another one. They knew WTC 7 was going to come down and no one was in it, no one died because it came down, why oh why would the government bring it down?

The final plane, Flight 93, which the 9/11 “experts” have claimed was off loaded in Ohio and brought down either by remote or a single pilot.

The people on the plane - 37

The coroner’s office in Pennsylvania - 5

The airport staff/military personnel in Ohio - 10

The FAA radar stations all over America that chart that flight never stopping in Ohio (this is a very low number for the hundreds of eyes that would have seen it. - 30

The clean up crew at the actual site that supposedly “found” plane parts - 20

Bush, Cheney, his cabinet etc… - 20

Pennsylvania Cover up - 122

Still don’t see any explanations as to why the government would even crash this one in the middle of no where.

The recent Foley scandal (this is insanely generous) - 20

Total cover up of 9/11 (an insanely conservative one) - 503

Total people involved in 3 foiled government cover ups - 85

Average per failed cover up - about 28

So, five hundred people (at least) have kept quiet over five years and structural engineers, architects, and every government agency has corroborated the evidence. This includes the people whom faked their deaths and have not since attempted to contact the family members they left. These theories are as absurd as believing that the internet is a series of tubes!

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All numbers are estimates obtained from personal knowledge and guesstimates, the 9/11 numbers are extremely under estimated and the Scandal numbers are extremely exaggerated.